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Our RPK - Reverbnation Press Kit / REVIEWS

This link will take you to our all new RPK (Reverbnation Press Kit) - Has almost everything about the band - Pass it along to your favorite local hang out with live music and give us a thumbs up - We are still improving our videos and recordings, but we kick butt on our live shows.

Blues for Life!!


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"You guys were great. Melissa was fantastic, and her choice of songs was very good. I love your drummer, Shawn, he is very good, and Demian played his A-- off as did you, Bert, with great rhythm guitar. The harp leads were right on. The night was really great.!"

"MONICA DUPONT: This thing closed before I could tell you how much the vocals and, heck your whole band impressed me !!! You've got a serious groove goin' and I love it !!! Comment on Sunday, January 09, 2011 at 08:07 PM"  

MONICA DUPONT: Hey guys-digging your music ! I'm tapping my foot and singing back-up to your songs !!! Have a fantastic and successful New Year !!! Comment on Sunday, January 09, 2011 at 07:55 PM "

"Re: Blues Bash For Diabetes donation to Diabetes Foundation Congrats! Great cause. Gary"

Another satisfied Fan

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unknown, Tallahassee Democrat (Sep 20, 2010) 

Wailin Wolves Band

Members Bert Calderon, Tracy Yacobellis, Bryant Williams, Shaw From, Bob White, Robert Bloodworth, Jay Schwartz, and Shawn Scott

Label Unsigned

Management Bert Calderon , World Wide Ent.

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We are proud to announce that we are #1 in Tallahassee and Thomasville in the blues genre on Reverbnation, #4 in the whole country, and #9 in the globe.. With "Wailin' Bert" Calderon leading the music, the Wailin' Wolves Band continue performing exciting shows with a great variety of songs.

Chicago bred and born, "Wailin' Bert" Calderon brings his roots and style from the home of blues, Chicago. He has been playing professionally since the age of 15 and spent his teen years in New York bringing a number of years of both pro and amateur guitar playing to the Wailin' Wolves band. Having shared stages with the likes of The Young Rascals, the Butterfield Blues Band, The Blues Project, Demian Bell, Randall "Big Daddy Blues" Webster, Jeff Conaway, Spirit, and numerous others he brings his unique style, a blend of Chicago bluez, classic rock and 60's / 70's rock to his unique arrangements. He has played at the famous Cafe Wah, The Bitter End, and Cafe Au Go Go in the village, numerous clubs in Fl and NY, and college campuses, amongst many other well known stages. He opened up for The Young Rascals in 1966 at Brooklyn Academy Of Music in NY, has written a number of songs and plays lead, rhythm, and bass guitar for a number of years pleasing crowds of all sizes.

We just added a new female lead vocalist, Tracy Yacobellis, a twenty five yr old. graduate of FSU, with classical vocal training and a phenomenal vocal range. She produces a high energy show and awesome vocal talent. Listen to her as she grows with The Wailin' Wolves Band, a great new rising star!!

"Slim Shaw" From was the original founder of The Wailin' Wolves band and plays a great blues harp and adds some very soulful vocals and harmonies. He joins us when he is available. He has been influenced by many of the blues greatest artists and plays for the love of music.

Shawn Scott, drummer extraordinaire and our original drummer, has returned from a move out of state, and holds our bottom end together as tight as a gnat!

Bob White, our backup drummer has over 60 years experience on stage and in studio, having played with some of the biggest bands in the country. We are proud to have him with us as he and Robert keep our bottom end tight and thumping. A perfect combination as they were both formerly from the band Time Warp, a popular local band.

We have also joined forces with Robert Bloodworth, formerly with the band Time Warp, as our bass guitar player, and lead male vocalist. Robert is multi talented and has a vast repertoire of songs. He has played professionally for a number of years and adds a high energy presentation to our show.

Jay Schwartz is our new keyboard player with almost 40 years of experience. Jay has played in bands since his teen years, was brought up in New York and played in many of the biggest clubs in New York and Florida. He adds a great deal to our sound and uniqueness.

Bryant Williams has a number of years experience as a professional lead, rhythm, and bass guitar player. Bryant holds our bottom end tight, He has played on many stages around the country and has a vast knowledge of all different kinds of music, yet blues is his passion. We appreciate his input into the band and his excellence in playing.

The band has a great diversity in their music that helps create their sound making the Wailin' Wolves Band gain in popularity every show.

Every show we put in 110% and promise a high energy, rocking show!
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Photo Gallery
Bert Sizzlin
Slim Shaw Live
Big Bert
Robert Tuff Guy
BB Bryant Williams
Big Bert
Mr Beat Man
Rolling In The Deep Live by The Wai...
Rock Me Baby by The Wailin Wolves B...
Hit Me With Your Best Shot by The
Blue Suede Shoes Live by The Wailin...
Feelin Alright by The Wailin Wolves...
Wailin Wolves Band has played with the following artists:
Dirty Skirty, Shreddenger, Stone Street, Wrought Iron Soul, Corporal Boil, Jay Blues Band, RoadHouse, Pure Platinum Band, Randall "Big Daddy Blues" Webster & Red Hot Java, Kill Clouseau, Downthreat

Wailin Wolves Band has played at the following venues:
The Corner Bar, Six Shooter Saloon, Wave Benefit - Bradfordville Blues Club, Dux Liquors and Lounge, Southern Music Rising Festival, Tallahassee PRIDEFEST, Earth Day Jam @ the Bradfordville Blues Club, Shooter's Albany, Ga, Justins/The Covey, The Plaza Restaurant & Lounge, Big Guns BBQ, Dixie Biker's Biker Bash 2010, Eddy Teach's Raw Bar, American Legion Hall on Lake Ella, and Paradise Grille and Bar

Upcoming Shows
Date Venue Location Headliner
01/20/2012 Tallahassee, FL  
01/21/2012 Cairo, GA  
01/27/2012 Tallahassee, FL  
01/28/2012 Tallahassee, FL  
02/03/2012 Cairo, GA  
02/04/2012 Tallahassee, FL  
02/10/2012 Tallahassee, FL  
02/12/2012 Newport, FL  
02/18/2012 TALLAHASSEE, FL  
02/19/2012 Tallahassee, FL  
02/25/2012 Monticello, FL  
03/03/2012 Tallahassee, FL  
03/16/2012 Thomasville, GA  
03/23/2012 Cairo, GA  
04/27/2012 St Louis, MO  
04/28/2012 St Louis, MO  
05/25/2012 Thomasville, GA  

Recent Shows
Date Venue Location Attendance Headliner
08/27/2010 St. George Island, FL 102 Wailin Wolves Band
08/28/2010 St. George Island, FL 140 Wailin Wolves Band
09/03/2010 BEACHTON, GA 64 Wailin Wolves Band
09/10/2010 Thomasville (Beachton... 88 Everett, Otis, Bert and Melissa Wood
09/11/2010 Thomasville (Beachton... 300 Wailin Wolves Band
09/11/2010 BEACHTON, GA 200 Wailin Wolves Band
09/18/2010 Tallahassee, FL 200 Wailin Wolves Band
09/24/2010 Thomasville (Beachton... 45 Wailin Wolves Band
10/08/2010 Thomasville (Beachton... 52 Wailin Wolves Band
10/16/2010 Tallahassee, FL 120 Wailin Wolves Band

Total Plays: 14,066
Total Fans: 26,437
Total Impressions: 30,729

Chart Positions (Blues)
Chart Rank
(Thomasville, GA)
National 4
Global 9
(all genres)