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Monday, June 21, 2010

Introducing The Wailin Wolves Blues Band

We are a local Tallahassee blues band dedicated to the classic blues tunes of our past. Formed in 2008 at the helm is our lead vocalist/harmonic's player, Shaw From, as a Jam band. In 2009 we formed the 'Red Rooster Band' with some of our original jam session members, and as we gained popularity at local venues we decided to finalize the makeup of the band members and changed our name to Wailin' Wolves.

Currently we are a cover band playing some of the great blues songs from all time, but we are in the process of expanding into our own unique songs and styles.

Need a band to play at your local event? We would be happy to play for you! Call 229 364-7129 for Booking.

The Wailin’ Wolves feature a tight as a gnat’s booty rhythm section with Sean Scott on percussion and Neal Anderson on Bass, “Slim Shaw” on Dirty Harp & Phil "the Pill" Sanders on rhythm guitar/bass(Our Founders), “Big Guns Bert”, Bert Calderon shredding lead guitar, and our magnificent front lady blues singer Yvette Scott. Our variety of songs increases every show and practice session, especially now with the addition of our super front lady,Yvette Scott. It has opened the door for a greater selection of tunes. As we grow, so will our repertoire, with special arrangements and original tunes added regularly. Often playing at Big Guns BBQ, the band is striving to continue performing a live vibrant show with fun and excitement in every show.

Read more: http://www.myspace.com/wailinwolvesbluesband#ixzz0rVXCl6or

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